Is there a good argument for evolution not with people but just in general? Where did the idea of evolution come from?

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Is there a good argument for evolution not with people but just in general? Where did the idea of evolution come from?

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The “holy scriptures” of evolutionary theory is Charles Darwin’s 1859 book, “Origin of Species,” a work that contains Darwin’s observations of the adaptations found in nature among species, and the theoretical leap that all such adaptations illustrate the fundamental idea that all species evolved from one basic being. There are several basic ideas that can be used as arguments against evolution: (1) Evolution has never been able to address the idea of ex nihilo, a Latin phrase that means “from nothing.” Evolution needs ingredients, ingredients that already exist. The Bible says that God spoke the universe into existence from or out of nothing. Evolution has never been able to answer the question, “How can you get something from nothing?” (2) The principle of “irreducible complexity,” an idea put forward by Christian biologist Michael Behe. In simple terms, it means that, for anything to function, all its component parts must also function; for those component parts to function, they themselves must also be fully formed. Evolution does not allow for the evolution of all the subparts that must be completely functional for the whole to work. (3) Evolution bases its case on the possibility of “transitional” forms in species, in other words, the “missing links” or the versions of a species on the way to the final version. If in fact the earth is 4.5 billion years old, we should easily be able to find the fossil evidence of these transitional forms; in fact, it should be like we are walking around on potato chips! The earth should be overflowing with all these transitional species. None have been found. Of course, the critical issue of evolution is that it subtracts God from any consideration. If everything we see and know is a product of the random selection of nature in concert with survival of the fittest, then life itself is random and undirected; therefore, there is no Supreme Being, no God that sovereignly reigns over anything. Man is the master of all he surveys.


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