How did the first children “create” children without infertile mutations?

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How did the first children “create” children without infertile mutations? Empty How did the first children “create” children without infertile mutations?

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The present-day circumstance of imperfect, defective genes does not apply to Adam and Eve. They were the most physically perfect human beings who ever lived, crafted personally by God Himself and as Genesis declares, God saw all that He had made, and it was very good—Genesis 1:31. But when sin entered the picture by Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, a curse began to overshadow mankind; mankind became a species that experienced degeneration, decay and finally, death. Over a long enough period of time, that process would have resulted in all sorts of imperfections and defects beginning to appear, including within human genetic material. But Cain, the firstborn of Adam and Eve, and his brothers and sisters would have received virtually no imperfect genetic material, being in the first generation of children ever born. In that context, brothers and sisters could have (and would have) married with no reproductive complications. And certainly, God had commanded, Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it—God speaking, Genesis 1:28a. God would not have deliberately put mankind in a harm’s way of His own devising. However, by the time of Moses, you would now have found sufficient time in the degeneration of the human gene pool for mistakes to accumulate, to such an extent that it would have been necessary for God to introduce into His law sanctions regarding the marriage of close relatives (see Leviticus 18-20). And of course, there would have been sufficient human population on the planet that there would no longer be the need for close family relations to marry. God obviously cares incredibly deeply about the family, so the laws that He gave to Moses would have had the aim of (1) trying to protect against the potential for deformed children, (2) keeping the nation of Israel strong and healthy, thus allowing them to remain strong and able within the plans that God had for their nation, and (3) protecting individuals, families and society at large from the destructive harm that incestuous relationships can cause.


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